Our Pool for a holiday in Le Marche near the sea: with us, you can have it all

When you think of a summer holiday near the sea, you surely want the utmost comfort to fully relax and recharge your energy.

That’s why our holiday apartments in Le Marche welcome you with an outdoor pool where you can enjoy the peace of the countryside, without giving up a refreshing swim. And then you have the beaches of Pesaro within reach: so you can truly choose everything you want, whenever you want.

Our pool is a corner of relaxation in the heart of the countryside, but close to the sea. Imagine: transparent water, the sun warming your skin, and only green hills around you.

If you are an early bird, it’s impossible to resist a revitalizing dive. It’s the perfect moment for a fairy-tale start to the day, with only the chirping of birds around you.

But if you also love to have breakfast leisurely in your apartment, our sun loungers await to offer you all the relaxation you deserve. It’s the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in a good book or to take a break with the kids playing in the water, safe with their inflatables.

And then, there are those special moments, when the sun starts to tint the sky pink. Perfect moments to enjoy the serenity of the pool, perhaps with a drink in hand. Here at Ca’ Princivalle, every moment brings an emotion, and ties in with the memories of an unforgettable holiday in the Marche.

We can say this because it’s our own guests who tell us so.

We’re sure that after experiencing these sensations at our farm stay, you will surely agree!