Would you ever thought that during your holiday in Pesaro, one hour from our country house Ca’ Princivalle, you could follow the footprints of Leonardo Da Vinci and Monnalisa?

Maybe you won’t believe it, but it has been proved by scientific evidences after many years of studies: Monnalisa lived in Le Marche, at the court of duke Della Rovere, in Urbino. Her name was Pacifica Brandani: the real lady who inspired Leonardo, the worldwide renowned Italian painter.

But the most exciting thing is that you can really “enter” an art masterpiece, walking in the same landscape shown inside the painting: the hills and the valleys of Montefeltro.

It is possible thanks to “Montefeltro Vedute Rinascimentali“, a touristic and cultural project that organizes guided tours with professional guides and actors wearing medieval costumes. During these tours, you can have a walk in the charming landscape of Montefeltro, with its pretty villages and stunning nature, while discovering where, why and how Leonardo took inspiration for his “Gioconda”.

But there’s much more. Leonardo Da Vinci was not the only “maestro” to love Montefeltro. In the Renaissance era, yet another painter found the perfect background for his works: that was Piero Della Francesca, author of “Dittico dei Duchi” (the portrait of duke Federico da Montefeltro and his wife Battista Sforza) and many other masterpieces signed by him.

What are you waiting for? Visit the many “balconies” of Leonardo and Piero, find their secrets and immerse yourself in a real artwork. Visit the official website and check the next dates for guided tours!

And if you would like to know more about the two “landscape busters”, the scientists Olivia Nesci and Rosetta Borchia who discovered the place of the paintings, click here.

Every painting, its balcony:

1) La Gioconda: Roccione (big rock) in Pennabilli (Rimini)
2) and Villagrande di Montecopiolo (Pesaro-Urbino)

3) Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro: Valle del Metauro (Ca’ Mocetto, Urbania)
4) Portrait of Battista Sforza: Valmarecchia, (Monte Gregorio, nei pressi di San Leo – Rimini)
5) I Trionfi: Valle del Metauro (Pieve del Colle, nearby Urbino)
6) San Gerolamo e un devoto: Valmarecchia (Monte Gregorio, nearby San Leo – Rimini)
7) La Natività (The Nativity): Villagrande di Montecopiolo (Pesaro-Urbino)
8) Il Battesimo di Cristo (The baptism of Christ): Petrella Guidi, not far from Pennabilli (Rimini)
9) La Resurrezione (the Resurrection): Villagrande di Montecopiolo (Pesaro-Urbino)