We already gave you two tips about what you can do or see in a rainy day during your holiday in Pesaro. And here you can find the third one!

We think it is a great idea especially for ladies: a shopping experience in our fashion boutiques and outlets. Because even vacations need inspirations, what about going finding some ideas for a trendy look, even better when sales has begun? Inside and near Pesaro, you can find factory outlet and stores of the best made-in-Italy fashion brands: clothes, accessories and shoes. And sales usually start the first Saturday of July and last for weeks: so, you are in the right place at the right time!
In the city centre:
– the famous boutique Ratti and other pretty shops of Italian brands near the central square Piazza del Popolo (via Rossini, corso 11 Settembre, via Branca, via Tebaldi, via Passeri).
Out of Pesaro:
– in Sant’Ippolito (Fano) 31 km from Ca’ Princivalle: Unionmoda
– in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini) 23 km from Ca’ Princivalle: Diffusione Tessile
– in San Marino, 47 km from Ca’ Princivalle: Factory Outlet
One last tip, this time for the men: please forgive us for that, and be patient during this long day!