Planning holidays for somebody is even more exciting than the holiday itself, for others is a reason for felling stressed. For example, which category of travellers do you belong? If you’re already dreaming about what to do next summer, we’ll give you some tips for a no-stress holiday plan. As it would be in our Agriturismo Ca’ Princivalle, in Le Marche, between beach and countryside.

  1. Mark your destination on a map, and draw an imaginary line connecting you and that point: visualization is a technique that triggers positive thoughts!
  2. Explore the surroundings and get an idea of the landscape around, virtually. Google Map also has 3D satellite view: you’ll feel like looking down from a plane!
  3. Ask who has already been there about what to see or to do. Friends and relatives, of course, but also people on the Web: blogs and forums, or travel web sites. If you love paper, there are excellent easy guides, with their top-10 list.
  4. Book now! You’re right, there are several months to summer, but today you will find the ideal dates and especially the best accommodations in your favourite countryhouse. We suggest just one …
  5. Check what can be purchased online: museums, parks, winery tours, public transports, bike rental, car-parking … The more you know, the less you will have to think about, later.

And finally…

‘Less is more’, said Le Corbusier. So, remove from the list for your suitcase everything that is not classifiable as useful … and we mean useful not to go crazy in preparing yourself for a relaxing time!