A short walk or a relaxing ride on a mountain bike will allow you to feel adventure, rediscover the pleasure of a healthy living and the way of life of past, together with your partner and of course with your children.

Ca’ Princivalle offers its guests a range of mountain bikes to visit the beautiful surroundings of the countryside, make small excursions in the nearby villages, and even to reach the seaside in 20 minutes along the bike paths of the city. You’ll be able to discover the most fascinating paths from our maps: they are available in paper format at the info-point of the agriturismo or downloadable for smartphones and tablets from our site.

Pesaro is surrounded by places of great splendor for their landscape, nature, history and cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the quietness of a nature full of scents and colors, follow the delicate course of the hills that rise toward the medieval villages or slope down to the sea, surprise yourself for the presence of a deer looking at you and hidden in distance.

The daily reservation of mountain bikes provides a minimum cost and includes the allocation of a chain and padlock.