Colle San Bartolo, one of the very few headlands on the Adriatic with its yellow broom shrubs and green pastures that overlook the blue Adriatic offering breathtaking views. The winding roads pass through small hamlets and villages that were once inhabited by local fishermen, and which still retain their original character. A perfect example is Fiorenzuola di Focara, home of the maritime museum, as is Casteldimezzo, with its speciality fish dishes and craft workshops. From Colle San Bartolo, narrow country lanes lead down to the beaches below, appearing as corners of paradise and blue seas.

On the Apennine ridge instead, stands the park of Sasso Simone e Simoncello, where centuries-old pine, oak and spruce trees lead up to the ruins of medieval fortifications. The park authority provides information and advice on how to enjoy this uncontaminated corner to the full, which leads into Val Marecchia where the beech woods provide a hiding place for churches and castles, real jewels of history and architecture.

The walls of a number of rocky outcrops provide the opportunity for mountain climbing, while only eagles dare in the Furlo gorge nature reserve, where there are equipped family picnic areas and canoe hiring to explore the crystal clear waters of the river Candigliano, and mountain bike hiring to discover the ancient Consular Flaminia Road.

Here and there, small corners of paradise appear as if forming a living picture: from the woods of Tecchie, with its crystal clear waterfall, to the mountain streams of monte Catria