On Sunday 15 there will be the “Stradomenica” (special Sunday), and here’s a nice idea for you and your family. The historical center of Pesaro opens it museums and cultural site with special events: your children can have fun while taking part in workshops and in the guided tours with Gioachino Rossini in person (the famous musician of the 19th Century), who will bring you inside his house, where he was born on February 29, 1792. The composer will tell you about his life and his masterpieces for opera and classical theatre. Do you know he had a special passion for cooking (and of course, eating)? That’s why the Maestro will also teach you some recipes he invented himself!

Schließlich müssen Sie die neue interaktive Brille für Augmented Reality versuchen: eine erstaunliche Erfahrung!

Entdecken Sie weitere Touren, die Sie buchen können:
Am ersten Sonntag des Monats, Urbino, das Haus von Raffaello Sanzio, mit der animierten Tour "Willkommen in der Casa Rinascimento!"
Am zweiten Sonntag des Monats, Fano, Museo Civico, Besuch und Workshop "Fano ad libitum!"

Die Öffnungszeiten für "Stradomenica" mit Karte "Pesaro Cult":

PALAZZO MOSCA / CASA ROSSINI & gt; h 13.10 / 15.30 bis 18.30 Uhr
Archaeological Site of Via dell'Abbondanza & gt; h 10.30 bis 00.30, 15.30 bis 17.30
Scalone Vanvitelliano & gt; h 16 -19
OFFICINE BENELLI (Motorräder) & gt; h 16 Führung & gt; Freier Eintritt mit Karte "Pesaro Cult"
SYNAGOGUE h 10-13 & gt; Freier Eintritt

Weitere Informationen über: www.pesaromusei.it