When water deletes your plans for the beach, here instead it can gives you a wonderful experience: we’re talking about the marine park Oltremare, in Riccione! If you are on holiday in Pesaro with your partner or your family, you can’t miss this place.

We’ve put it at number 2 of our top 5 list of things to do in case of bad weather (see here #1), for these reasons: it is the right place where adults and children can have fun while learning beautiful things, it is near the sea the nice beaches of Riccione (a few km from Rimini), and you can reach it by car just in half an hour from Ca’ Princivalle.

Hey, thinking about it… these are good reasons to visit it also when the sun is shining!

During all the year, the park promotes the conservation of many animals and plants both marine and terrestrial, living in and out of this part of the Adriatic sea. The areas are dedicated to the four elements, Water, Earth, Air, Fire & Energy , which describe fascinating environments. Here are some examples: “Planet Ocean” has got six large tanks dedicated to marine ecosystems, “Planet Earth” offers an extraordinary journey through time, and finally the “greenhouse of Darwin” allows you to immerse yourself in a real prehistoric forest. And there are also special events and educational workshops during the day, such as “The Voice of the Dolphins” and “Meet the dolphins”!

Have we convinced you? If you want to know more, visit Oltremare website: oltremare.org