Who didn’t ever find bad weather while on holiday? We mean especially on summer, when you think about just diving into the sea or the pool! As long as we cannot control the clouds, of course it is essential to know what you can do even in case of rain! In Le Marche that’s easy: there are so many places to visit … and, hey, it’n not about just another museum!

Here’s the gem #1 of our top 3 list: the spectacular caves of Frasassi!

You can find this uncredible place in Genga, a place in the province of Ancona, 1 hour and a half by car from Pesaro and our countryhouse Ca’ Princivalle.

The caves of Frasassi are the largest karst complex in Europea Natural Park, certified with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. It is a magic experience to enter this crystalline wonderland, which welcome tourist from all over the world. Equipped with walkways and theatrical lighting, it includes inlaid stalactites, gigantic stalagmites and the awesome Grotta Grande del Vento (the great cave of the wind), Europe’s largest single cavern, so vast that Milan Cathedral would fit comfortably inside!

You can’t miss it with your family…especially with children! The guided tour lasts for around an hour and the temperature inside is a constantly low 14° C (so you’d better take a light jacket with you).

More info: Marche tourism website.